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Between making it to all of your classes, painting your face for Friday night football games, college applications and just trying to enjoy your senior year College Forward knows that it can be really difficult to stay on track. We’ve compiled four recommendations to make keeping track of it all a little easier on you.

  1. Set Weekly Reminders

Whether you’re a Google calendar fan or you prefer a paper planner, it is very important that you take time to document important dates, and set reminders to check in on anything you’ve submitted. You can find some important FAFSA and TASFA dates in the graphics below, and most public Texas university applications follow the same timeline, but you should still check your top schools important dates. You should check every application regularly (hence the weekly reminders) after submitting. You may find that an application is missing a document, or that your FAFSA/TASFA application requires you to verify information.

2. Write Down Your Goals

It is very common for people to have a general vision of where they see themselves, take it to the next step and clarify your goals for yourself. Write them down somewhere you’ll see them every day. You can even break down these goals into smaller monthly, or weekly goals in your planner or put them in your notes app. One of the first steps to chasing your goals is knowing them well.

3. Find An Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone you share a goal with to help keep you on track. Once you’ve chosen your top goals for the year, share them! It doesn’t matter if the accountability partner is your Mom, your best friend, or your cat. Vocalizing your goals and aspirations solidifies them. Ideally, this partner knows how to nudge (not nag) you in a way that positively pushes you. It’s always nice to have someone by your side to help push you to your fullest potential.

4. Set An Appointment with Your Advisor

Waiting until the very last minute may seem like the easiest way to meet every deadline, but we can assure you that planning ahead will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future. College advisors, such as our very own #collegeforward College Success Coaches work endlessly to simplify your FAFSA and college application processes. Answering your questions (however big or small they may seem) is what they love to do! Also, scheduling an appointment earlier in the year will help you avoid mistakes that could delay your application process.