For my Advanced Media Strategies course, my team and I worked on a media plan for Clif Bar. This is a condensed version of the 80 paged media deck that we created and presented over. The plan took us about a month to strategize, and included innovative ways to reach Clif’s goals. Click the photo to see some of the work we compiled.

texas standard - media strategist

For my senior capstone my team and I developed a comprehensive deck for Texas Standard a local menswear brand. Our deck included ideas for the company’s PR, SEO, and digital media strategy. When the deck was done we presented in front of Texas Standard’s founder. Click the photo to see some of our presentation.


This is the presentation deck I co created with my Introduction to Media Strategies team. The goal was to help a local garage strategize for a potential location expansion to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were tasked with developing ideas on how to increase Groovy Automotive’s brand awareness in an area where they were lacking brand recognition. At the end of the project we presented our media plan to a room of 100+. Click the photo to see a portion of our presentation.