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“I’m Analisa, a writer turned strategic marketer with 5+ years experience working within high growth technology companies (Bumble, Yelp, Jopwell). Currently, I freelance and develop manageable strategies for brands to scale and organize their content as it flows through a product, social channel, or experience. Open to joining an in-house team and applying my skills and passion for Strategy and Content.”

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“Along with travel tips and stories, prepare to also read unsolicited opinions about why The Princess Bride is the best movie of all-time, my random book recommendations, and unenlightening reflections of personal growth. My hope is that this blog becomes an authentic depiction of who I am, and my many interests.”

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sydney greene - freelance journalist

“Currently, Sydney serves as the Digital Coordinator for Deeds Not Words, an organization that galvanizes the power of young self-identifying women to disrupt the status quo through organizing, policy-making, art, and voting. When I’m not managing social media platforms and digital campaigns, I write about gender, culture, and lifestyle and my writing has been featured in a variety of publications including Texas Monthly, The Austin Chronicle, Teen Vogue, USA Today, and more.”

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jane claire hervey - multidisciplinary artist

“Jane Claire is an artist and writer, making things she likes in Austin, Texas. Her music pulls sonic influences from Björk, Solange and Frank Ocean. Her lyrics are informed by the South, politics, cellulite and being a bad woman.”

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natalia rocafuerte, “dada western” - multidisciplinary artist

“My work is a study of materials and cultures and how they represent our chosen and given identities. I’m interested in analog technologies and techniques, using them as mediums to create installations and video paintings. I believe in creating new experiences, especially connected to dream-like states and alternative subcultures. I create spaces of opposite truths, often in whimsical fantastical humor.”

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