In my Digital Metrics course, the third component of Texas Media & Analytics, I had the opportunity to create a series of data visualizations based on a Chicago AirBnb dataset. The visualizations provided insight into the relationships between pricing, neighborhood, review count, and other key data factors. Click through the photos to see a couple of the visualizations I created with the data.

PHOTOSHOP + illustrator project

I have always had a personal curiosity for the Adobe Creative Suite. Prior to taking the digital graphic communication course at The University of Texas at Austin, I created some personal projects as well. To the left you’ll see two of the flyers I created using Adobe Photoshop.


Volunteering at the Dandelion School was one of the most empowering and uplifting experiences of my college career. For the entirety of my study abroad trip in Beijing, China, I facilitated English lessons for 8th grade migrant students to assist them with their Zhongkao, a high school entrance exam. These lessons were taught to a classroom of 30 students, with a spectrum of English knowledge, and included both classroom and playground setting lessons. Overall the students taught me a lot about myself, and it was an honor to be able to work with them.